TRUE FITNESS is a 24 hour full service fitness center that is open to the general public of Mitchell, SD and the surrounding areas. Our mission statement is our ultimate goal: "MAKE YOUR FITNESS A TRUE STORY".

The concept of True Fitness is one that has evolved over the years gone by since initially purchasing Dakota Physical Therapy in 2005. As Physical Therapists, we dedicate our days to rehabilitating clients from injury, illness, surgery, and other general medical conditions. We pride ourselves in not only taking care of the pain and dysfunction our clients initially have, but giving them the tools to promote lifelong health and wellness so hopefully they don’t need continued services for the same condition later in life. At the heart of this concept is the promotion of positive lifestyle changes, some of which involve improved habits of increased exercise, a more active lifestyle, and making healthier choices in our daily lives. A big part of this process involves long term dedication to a home exercise program, daily walking, exercising at a fitness center, and/or getting more active in general through exercise to promote positive improvements in flexibility, strength, and wellness.

Over the years, we have been blessed with strong growth, which prompted us to plan a new clinic for Dakota Physical Therapy. During this process, we were increasingly interested in having a destination that not only provided state of the art therapy services and facilities, but gave the general public a facility in which they could promote positive lifestyle changes, improved fitness, and invest in their own wellness over the long term. It became clear we needed a separate venture that the general public could access and enjoy while working to achieve their wellness goals.

True Fitness is the culmination of our theories and concepts as well as input from colleagues, former patients, as well as the community of Mitchell and the surrounding areas in what we thought Mitchell needed to meet the vision for promoting positive change and improving our public’s wellness over the long term. We are committed to public health and wellness and hope all of our members enjoy the facility and services we are proud to offer Mitchell and the surrounding areas!

Josh and Steve