2018 TRUE GRIT – Sport Enhancement Program


Ø What to Expect – True Grit is our custom sports enhancement program specifically designed by our professional Personal Trainers and our Physical Therapy staff from Dakota Physical Therapy! TRUE GRIT will improve athletic performance by focusing on plyometric development, acceleration, agility, coordination, functional power, and core strength and stability to prevent injuries and maximize athletic development.

Ø How we separate- True Grit will improve running mechanics, sports specific movement efficiency, explosiveness, and will remove wasted movement to further enhance athletic ability and overall performance. We have a battery of specific functional testing (similar to the NFL combine and other professional sports testing) to assess initial abilities, identify areas that need to improve, and track progress as the athlete develops!

Ø How True Grit Wins- Reducing athletic injuries, by incorporating injury prevention movements that will improve functional flexibility.  Nothing is more devastating than a season ending injury!! No program can promise avoiding injuries, but what makes our program unique and special is that it incorporates the rehabilitation expertise of our Physical Therapy staff to "build a better athlete" that is resistant to injury in the future. We track our athletes throughout the season to assess their development and make necessary adjustments to our programming. Making athletes less likely to sustain injuries, while also improving their overall athletic ability, will make any True Grit participant tough to beat on the field of play.

Ø 24 Sessions – $300         **Promo Price Break: $250 if you sign up early!!**          June 4th – July 28th  

            3 Times a Week

            8 Week Program

Ø Team Discount – 10% team discount for 3 or more with same workout schedule (Must Sign Up as a Group) 

Ø Minimum Age – Must be at least 10 years of age in order to participate

Ø When – As early as 6:00am, with block scheduling Monday – Friday, Saturdays by appointment with large enough group size.

Ø Where – Workouts will be in our gym and fitness court areas, but will also incorporate activities outside on our grass workout area, weather permitting 




Contact Mac or Justin at 605-990-3610 or email us at truefitnessmitchellsd@gmail.com