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Our TRUE GRIT Monthly packages are designed to fit the needs of in-season and off-season athletes.   During the school year, many of our athletes continue with our program whether they are participating in sports or if they are off for the season. For this reason, we offer monthly TRUE GRIT monthly programming. Our athletes can expect to gain strength, speed, agility during workouts. Athletes also should expect to receive instruction on proper mechanics/body positioning to eliminate wasted movements and become a stronger, more efficient athlete!  We are excited for any and all athletes to try TRUE GRIT and experience the True Difference at True Fitness!

TRUE GRIT – Sport Enhancement Program

Ø Monthly Rate – $99

o   2 Times a Week


Ø Monthly Rate– $129

o   3 Times a Week


 Ø Minimum Age – Must be at least 10 years of age in order to participate

Ø When – As early as 6:00am. Contact True Fitness to find available time slots

Ø Where – Workouts will be in our gym and fitness court areas, but will also incorporate activities outside on our grass workout area, weather permitting 

Ø What to Expect – True Grit is a sport enhancement program that is tailored to the needs of the athlete and the demands of his or her sport(s). True Grit focuses on speed, quickness, and agility as well as improving core stability, strength, and injury prevention. Workouts are in larger groups as well as smaller groups to more specifically meet the demands of the individual sport as well as the position the athlete performs within that sport. True Grit is an intense, but fun workout, with the ultimate goal of improved dynamic and functional athletic performance to give you the edge over the competition. True Grit is offered to the Junior High through College athlete. True Grit is offered through True Fitness in Mitchell, SD. GET THE GRIT!!